About VA Sibs

Our Vision

As the Virginia's chapter of The National Sibling Leadership Network, our vision is for siblings with disabilities to form connections, share lived experiences, access information, utilize resources, and advocate collectively. This is accomplished through:

  • Providing information, resources, and systems navigation;
  • Hosting educational opportunities and social events;
  • Acting as a unified voice for improving public policy and increasing services and supports for people with disabilities and their families; and
  • Facilitating connections to people who have 'walked in youth shoes.

Our Beliefs

People with disabilities have the same rights as all members of society to dignity, respect, and the opportunity to be full members of their community. Siblings of people with disabilities can have a powerful, positive impact on their siblings' experiences, and are uniquely positioned to help ensure their present and future support in partnership with public and private service organizations.

VA Sibs Chapter Leadership

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