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Kimmy age 13 and Kelsey age 10


It's kind of different than other families. Sometimes I feel like yelling at people because they stare. I feel like yelling because it makes me sad when they stare. Why can't they look at her as a normal person? Because she is not any different than any other human being! She can walk, talk, eat and she can do anything that other's can do. She can do a lot!

It makes me happy that sometimes she gets her wishes to come true & I hope that she gets to meet Hunter Hayes.

It teaches me more about people with disabilities

It makes me happy that I have a sister because I have a playmate.

It makes me happy because we will always be by each other's sides & never leave each other.

I like that she's a girl

I like that she's hyper & has energy PLUS!

I like that she is funny & silly. Sometimes that's good and sometimes it's bad because it can be embarrassing.

What I wish is that she will get to be a nurse like she wants and that she has a family like a husband and kids.


Having a sister is great! I love her although she does get mad sometimes. It's like having someone you lovve, that's not your mom. We have each other!

I like that she's my sister and that she can see.

I like her personality most of the time, she is funny & makes jokes

I like that she rides horses like me!

I wish that my sister will always always always be happy and I wish that she liked country music and had a crush on Hunter Hayes like me. I really wish that we shared a room.

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