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Who Should Join?

  • Siblings of People With Disabilities

    By uniting, we can support each other and be stronger together.

  • People With Disabilities

    The self-advocacy movement serves as a model for us to learn how we can get involved in advocacy with our brothers and sisters.

  • Parents and Family Members

    Connections through VA SIBS can provide a unique perspective for families on how to support and involve all of their children/family members.

  • Professionals

    Many professionals provide important support to siblings and partner with them throughout their lives.

  • Sibling Supporters

    Anyone who is a friend or colleague to siblings and their families is welcome.

Why Join?

  • Siblings Matter

    Siblings have the longest bond and a unique perspective.

  • We are Stronger Together

    We are the Virginia Chapter of the National Sibling Leadership Network (NSLN). By joining you become connected to siblings and sibling supporters statewide, and will receive updates from the NSLN. The more members we have, the greater impact we will have.

  • Information Is Power

    All members receive information and updates about our activities as well as initiatives, policy decisions and sibling related events that are important to brothers and sisters. Keep up to date on conferences and events, initiatives, policy decisions, and much more.

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